Mental Health at Work

The Royal Foundation, along with the Heads Together charity and Mind, have been working hard to provide resources, information and support for people struggling with mental health issues in the [...]

New Plans to Change Divorce Law

Divorces across the UK are increasing. Divorce laws in England and Wales are set to change, with recent criticism of the current divorce system. The new plans to change divorce law aim to allow [...]

Unfair Disciplinary Action At Work

Unfair Disciplinary Action At Work happens across the UK on a daily basis. It is a difficult process for both the employer and employee. At Rawlins Davy, we have seen plenty of cases of unfair [...]

Will Preparation Checklist

A will is a document which outlines how your assets are divided amongst your beneficiaries after your death. It is important to understand the purpose of a will and all of its elements. Rawlins [...]

Information on the Liquidation Process

Businesses in the UK go into liquidation every day. This is the process in which a business is brought to an end, with all assets of the company being redistributed. The liquidation process can [...]