Renters reform bill

Renters reform bill – bad news for problem tenants? The Government’s Renters Reform Bill is currently working its way through Parliament.  Much of the commentary has focused on the removal of [...]

Separation Agreements

Family solicitor, Alan Stanley from Rawlins Davy Reeves explains separation agreements by way of answers to the most frequently asked questions. What is a separation agreement? Any couple, [...]

Mediation Means Business…

Mediation services allow parties to discuss and resolve disputes alongside an unbiased mediator, avoiding expensive court proceedings. Martin Davies, Rawlins Davy PLC’s Litigation Director and [...]

A ‘Heads up’ for Non-Execs

A’ HEADS UP’ FOR NON-EXECS “An invitation to join the board of a limited company as a non-executive director is a tempting one – for many, the main attraction being involvement and an [...]

Don’t Sign Until…

Like most commercial lawyers, I frequently remind my clients that they should never sign any documentation unless they fully understand and agree with the content – and preferably have had [...]