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The Royal Foundation, along with the Heads Together charity and Mind, have been working hard to provide resources, information and support for people struggling with mental health issues in the workplace.

The initiative, Mental Health at Work, was recently launched by Price William, and is open to all business, but will particularly focus on small and medium sized organisations. A study by Mind found that 48% of people have experienced mental health issues at work. The survey of 44,000 people also found that many of these people struggling with mental health do not speak to their employer, and instead struggle in silence. Smaller businesses often lack the resources to tackle mental health in the workplace. Offering managers proper support can make a massive difference to their efforts in helping employees who are struggling. Across the site, there are free resources, toolkits and information to help people cope with mental health in the workplace, for both employers and employees.

Rawlins Davy regard mental health is a very important issue. We believe this new Mental Health at Work campaign will boost awareness and also provide a necessary amount of support for people dealing with mental health issues at work. We do everything we can at Rawlins Davy to ensure our staff are happy, and have a quality support network to fall back on.

This is not the first time that The Duke of Cambridge has worked on improving mental health facilities across the UK. His previous work involves establishing a charity called Heads Together. The aim of this charity is to end the stigma surrounding mental health.

Here is a video of the Duke of Cambridge launching the Mental Health at Work campaign:

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