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At Rawlins Davy we are telling stories. Literally.

To celebrate the return of Bobby’s department store to Bournemouth, we decided to take a look at other famous brands associated with the town.

So we have commissioned three videos to tell the compelling stories of Bath Travel/Palmair, the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and the Bournemouth Echo.

Mark Kiteley explained: “We wanted to do something different and nostalgic and this felt like a great idea.

“And who better to tell these stories than us, as we have been in Bournemouth since 1832.”

The video on the history of Bath Travel and Palmair was launched at the Marsham Court Hotel on August 17.

The guest speaker was Stephen Bath.

The video made by Corin Messer and Andy Martin featured an in-depth interview with Stephen (who was with the  family firm, founded by his grandfather Reginald Ernest Bath) for more than 40 years.

Mark added: “It’s a fascinating look of two of Bournemouth’s best loved brands and of the local development of the travel and tour operating industry.”

Stephen said: “We have wanted to make this video for many years and now thanks to Rawlins Davy we have been able to. It’s a wonderful tribute to the businesses, my family and everyone who work for Bath Travel and Palmair.”

Mark added: “We are very much looking forward to the next production on the iconic Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra for which we have interviewed chief exec Dougie Scarfe. It will be released in September.

See Bath Travel and Palmair at

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