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Why You Should Use a Regulated Firm for Will Writing

Currently, the UK does not place any restrictions on who is able to prepare a will. This means that not everyone who offers will drafting services will have the breadth of skills and experience necessary to effectively achieve your desired outcomes.

Concerns have been echoed by the Competition and Markets Authority who are now launching an investigation into unregulated will writers.

Solicitor Apprentice, Becky Shale, outlines her top five reasons to choose a regulated firm for will writing.

Knowing What to Ask

No two individuals are the same. Our training and experience means we know what questions to ask you. We will be able to identify the important considerations relating to your estate and ensure nothing is forgotten. This means we can work with you to draft a will that best deals with your unique circumstances and your wishes.

Clarifying The Complex

 Wills can be daunting documents to read. What may be clear in plain English may not be clear in law. Wording must be carefully considered to ensure your final will accurately reflects your intention. Disputes as to ambiguous wording is a key danger in will drafting. By instructing a regulated firm, you can be confident your wishes are conveyed definitively.

Our team of professionals can translate your wishes into a legally effective will. This might involve offering guidance on inheritance tax or even setting up will trusts.

Catering For Modern Families

Modern families can comprise broad and varied structures which can raise more complex considerations in law. Professionals in a regulated firm are able to use their knowledge of the legal system to help explain how this could affect your particular situation and help offer personalised guidance.


Wills are, at their hearts, formal legal documents. The consequence of this is that particular legal formalities must be met for your will to be valid. This includes correctly writing, signing and witnessing. If the relevant formalities are not met, all your efforts and expenses in home drafting may be wasted or lead to costly and avoidable additional work after your death. While it is possible to conduct your own research into the legal requirements, consider whether you are confident you are able to understand these without the aid of a solicitor. Legal professionals are trained to bear this burden and can save the difficult research and put your mind at ease.

Protecting Your Will from a Claim

Writing a will goes above and beyond describing who you leave your assets. Particularly in complex family circumstances, it is important to account for risks of claims against your estate. Qualified professionals can help talk you through the position in law and sensitively assist in safeguarding your will.

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