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Rawlins Davy Appointed as Honorary Solicitors Within the BCTC

Rawlins Davy has been appointed as the honorary solicitors within the Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce. Rawlins Davy’s affiliation with the Chamber will benefit the Chamber and all its members in a number of ways.

The Bournemouth Chamber’s decision to appoint Rawlins Davy shows the quality service that Rawlins Davy offer, as well as the continued support we offer to local businesses. As an honorary member of the Chamber, Rawlins Davy will not receive any payment for their business legal services. This shows how much Rawlins Davy care for local businesses and the Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce. Rawlins Davy will offer our wealth of knowledge and experiences to the Chamber and all of its members.

Rawlins Davy possess a wealth of commercial law experience and knowledge. The company was established in 1835 and has dealt with small, medium and large businesses ever since. Our business legal services include commercial law, commercial property law, employment and licensing law, litigation and much more. You can see all of our business legal services here.

If you wish to enquire about any legal service, why not contact Rawlins Davy with any questions you have. You can see all services included in the business legal services, personal legal services and mediation services.

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Rawlins Davy Appointed as Honorary Solicitors Within the BCTCgiant slide coming to Bournemouth